Thursday, January 29, 2009

Travel journal, photo board and momento box

Traveling is an experience. It is an adventure. I created this travel journal to jot down favorite places, experiences on the journey and even tuck in a photo or flat momento here or there.
This page has Embrace Life across the leaf. Embracing life to me means exploring, learning, traveling, meeting new people, teaching, trying new things, etc.

Travelling is fulfilling. You get to find new places, eat new foods, sleep in a new place and experience life in another part of the world. It is exciting.

I would so love to see the world. Outside of the US, I've only been to Canada and Aruba. Travel agents must have fun, huh?
Good Times, is a magnetic board I made to hold photos, tickets, brochures, etc. from travels.
This 12"x12" box was created for travel photos, momentos such as seashells, brochures, business cards, souvenirs, etc.

This summer we are headed to the wonderful Charleston, South Carolina. I can't wait! I love it there. So quaint with a lot of history. The beaches are so pretty with white sand and palm trees. Aaah...I'm there already, in spirit that is.


  1. Very nice art. You've been busy.

  2. Charelston is so lovely. My favorite part is the brightly colored houses. I love you journal.

  3. tammy wow! they are all gorgeous!!! love the journal... your journals are the best!!! the magnetic board it so cool :) and cute :) the box is lovely... love the color and the aging :))) awesome! and enjoy your next trip :)))

  4. Am officially handing over the 'hands of God' award to you, Tammy. They're all fantabulous (Fantastic + Fabulous).

    Tammy, you should come to Malaysia (then you may go to Bali, Thailand & Singapore & many more beautiful places to see around the region) :)

  5. Charleston is a place I've always wanted to visit.
    I love your travel items!

  6. Hi Tammy
    All your items are really beautiful. The journal is very stylish and the magnetic board is a great idea. The box I love too, you have decorated it wonderfully.
    I look forward to hearing about your trip to Charleston this summer. I love to visit new places too although I am not too keen on the traveling part. It's an 9 hour flight to the US for us!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  7. The ever so talented Tammy! These are beautiful :D

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