Thursday, September 11, 2008

~ We have a WINNER!

And the winner is...drum roll please... Ms. Catherine Holman! Yay! Catherine wins a handmade item created by myself. I will also post a photo of that in a week or two after I know she has rec'd it. She guessed that the items shown in a couple of posts back were for the wedding guests to write down advice. Well that is exactly what they are for. All of the pieces are going to be included in a custom wedding guest book being created for the bride-to-be. She sent me a victorian scrapbook cover from the late 1800's and wanted me to create a unique wedding guest book inspired by the images on the victorian postcards which are also to be included in its' pages.
The fall wedding is to be held at The Castle on the Hudson River in New York. She loves victorian but didn't want it to be too feminine. So there you have it. I will post pictures of the finished project. Thanks for playing!

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  1. Tammy, I'm so excited! Your work is lovely. Blessings to the newly weds!


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