Thursday, September 25, 2008

This is what the bride-to-be had to say

The bride-to-be rec'd her Wedding guest book Wednesday in the amil and this is what she wrote:
"The book arrived safely today and it is just amazing! I cannot wait to show it off on Saturday. It is exactly as I envisioned it - you really understood what I was looking for and added your vast creativity to the idea. Thank-you so much - we will both treasure it; and with the thoughts and memories it holds, it will be something we pick up from time to time and display in our home. If I ever need another book or journal, I will be back. I'm sure there will be some babies in our future ;-)thank-you again! I hope you enjoyed working on it and that it inspires others."
I was thrilled that she loved it . After I mailed the pkg. even her fiance took the time to email me. Pretty amazing considering my husband would never even think to do that nevertheless take the time to do it.
Here is what he had to say:
"hi tammy, Im scott.. fiance of kristen whom you just completed the wedding guest book for.. just wanted to tell you what a cool job you did! i had no idea what to expect (of course, im probably kept out of the loop) its so unique i love it.. kristen had a definite vision for this wedding and vendors..... i mean artists like you have helped to bring it together. thanks much, scott
I was thrilled that they were happy. It means a lot having your work be appreciated by others. So often I am on pins and needles until I get the feedback.


  1. Doesn't surprise me one bit, that is a fabulous album! I know what you mean about getting feedback from your customer. I had a custom order for a computer bag. I made it exactly to the customer's specifications and made it as pretty as I could and was still so nervous she wouldn't like it. She loved it, but I couldn't feel comfortable about it until I heard that. Another custom order that I got I never heard any feedback from. It was for a friend I know, so to this day I worry that she wasn't happy and too "polite" to tell me.

  2. When we are happy with a project at it's completion that is one thing; when the person who commissioned the work is happy that makes it complete!

  3. Beautiful book! Hi Tammy, I will be sending to you for the Autumn Goody Swap. I'm heading to read your blog some more to "get to know you" better :)

  4. Oh my, Tammy - that IS gorgeous!! I think it's wonderful that the bride took the time to let you know how much your creation will contribute to her day... I think it's incredible that her fiance took the time! I think she found a keeper!!...Donna

  5. What a stunning book! Must be a real treat to see in person!

  6. Tammy...I can see why the couple loved this book. It is gorgeous. Love the pages you have shown and the cover is wonderful :)

  7. This is a beautiful creation and a wonderful idea for a guest book, wow. You have a great vision...I would have never dreamed this up. Good job.


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