Sunday, September 7, 2008

Latest Project...Can you guess and win?

This is a custom have to guess what the order is for. These postcards will be used in it along with everything else you see plus some more items but I can't give it all away now can I.

A pile of tags for what? It's a secret. You have to guess. Hmmm...what might they be for? Anyone?
Before/After antiqued tags... I used plain packaging tags you can pick up at any office supply store. I ripped the bottoms off of them. I then used a foam brush and a rag to apply and take off a mocha glaze mixture. 2 parts glaze to 1 part water. I then pounced the rag over the tag until it looked good and then I let them sit overnight. Then off I went to my workroom to embellish. That's the fun part!

The before and after tea stained papers

Tea stained papers: I used 4 black tea bags and 6 cups of water. The paper is 140 lb.watercolor paper With my bamboo tongs in hand I gently placed 3 pieces of paper at a time into the solution and let them sit for 3 mins. I then removed them and placed them onto a cookie sheet while I placed the next batch in. So after the second group came out, I drizzled more tea water onto the first batch and so on. I let them sit overnitght and this is how they looked this am.

Ooh... I just love yummy supplies like these delectable ribbons. Nothing gets me more energized or inspired than fun stuff to play with.

A little glimpse at some small note cards that will accompany the above items...

These are so sweet. I am thinking of creating some for my shop. My poor shop has been so neglected since July.
Well, I have to get back to this project, so I will leave you hanging for a few more days and then when I am ready I will unveil the project. If you guess right, I will send you a small handmade gift. Good luck!


  1. Hi Tammy! So pleased to make your acquaintance in the "lovely land of blog" :) LOVE your blog and your creations!!! and how fun, a guessing game!
    I'll take a shot at it...hmmm...I see lots of romantic couples on the beautiful images...could it be party favors for a bridal shower??
    Thanks for stopping by Wren Cottage... I'll be back to visit your enchanting little world!
    ~Madai ~*~*~*~*

  2. I'm thinking wedding too...maybe place cards for the dinner table and the tags are napkin holders??? Now I can't wait to find out!!! Thanks for your sweet comment, Tammy ~ hope you have a wonderful week! xxoo, Dawn

  3. Very interesting...have a good week ahead :D

  4. it for a banner?
    I just stopped by after reading the sweet comment you left on my blog. Thank you so much!

    Are those all your creations (on your sidebar)? You are unbelievably talented!!!


  5. oh how I enjoyed your blog. Your tags are fantastic. I like the look of glaze! I'll be back to see what you are planning Laurie

  6. Well, lovely ladies those are all clever guesses but no cigar. Care to try again? Clue, wedding.

  7. Whatever it is going to be it looks like fun to make. I'm guessing gift markers?

  8. I am baffled as to what the images are for, but I'm certain you will do a wonderful job! Your tags are lovely!! Lori

  9. gift tags, but not sure for what. I love your tea stained tags. !!!

  10. Hi Tammy, I feel like I'm copying but I'm thinking wedding shower. These are just beautiful!

  11. Hi Tammy
    Thank you for dropping by my blog...Your blog is a delight to the eyes. Keep up your beautiful work.
    Fond regards Cathy xx


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