Thursday, September 11, 2008

911...We'll never forget

I posted this earlier but my internet service went bye bye, so here it is again. 911 was 7 years ago today. It doesn't feel like it though. It seems it just happened a couple of years ago.

Pray for our nation and that we make the best possible choice for our next president. Pray for our men and women troops serving our nation. Lets not forget the heroes that helped get so many out and through the utter chaos that day at the Trade center. We must not forget those who died and their loved ones. My wish is that those you love will know it because you told them so.


  1. Very nice! I posted a little tribute myself... we should NEVER forget! Thank goodness for all our troops who help us keep our freedom and security!

  2. Tammy~ I am so glad you stopped by to visit my new blog! Now I can stop by and read about you. Thanks for your sweet comment! ~Mandy

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    Amy Sutter :-)


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