Sunday, September 14, 2008


One of my all time favorite things to collect are skeleton keys. They are small. They have character and they make me wonder what they once opened and to whom they belonged. I have purchased them all from all over the country, even New Orleans. I have this display just inside my front door. That is not a stain on the wall. It is a shadow. weird lighting made it look really yellow. I like to incorporate keys into some of my artwork, as well. I am drawn to birds, keys, leaves, and just about anything with damask. Oh and anything in the gold, burgundy, muted green or black. The colors of our home.
Collecting is fun for me as long as it is not something I have to worry about dusting. No miniatures here. I can't be bothered. What about you? What do you like to collect?


  1. Tammy this is just beautiful!!! I love old keys too and when they're grouped together like this they are wonderful! Hope you have a great week ~ xxoo, Dawn

  2. Hi Tammy
    what a collection :D
    I like to collect souveniers of places I have visited. Hope you have a good week ahead :D

  3. Tammy this is a beautiful display of your collection -- you've done an amazing job with this!

  4. I LOVE your skeleton key collection! The mystery and the history of all of them- very intriguing. If they could only talk.:) Lori

  5. Hi Tammy~

    Love your blog. You have wonderful taste. I see you checked out my training blog...LMAO. I am hoping to get more motivated as time goes by. I am supposed to be getting a before picture taken..LMAO Oh I am so not looking forward to that, but it must be done!

    Thanks for stopping by hon!



  6. We had skeleton keys for one of our houses when I was growing up.

    I mentioned wanting keys and my mother found a smaller version of that key shadow box and I also have that same white,knob shelf/key holder.

    Love your display.


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