Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Retail Therapy

Aaah...sometimes you just need to do it! This weekend it was rainy and yuck outside so after cleaning the house, doing laundry and painting I put a roast in the oven and headed out to a few of my favorite shops. I hit TJ Maxx and bought some really pretty black and tan damask hand towels and some really nice thick tan towels for our bath. We have had the same white (some not so white anymore) towels for years and years. Some are threadbare and some are slightly pink. ahem...I somehow missed a burgundy hand towel tossed in with the white towels. mmm...mmm...mmm...I tried bleaching them but they are still pink and darned if they weren't our most fluffy thick white towels too! I also picked up this really black cat tassle for my china cabinet. He is perfect for the Halloween decor I am planning. I have a few swaps I am gathering items for as well so I picked up a few things for them too.

Next I had to hit Tuesday Morning and left with zip. Then off to Michaels and there I found some great stuff to play with. Shwew I feel better now. Sometimes the shopping bug bites me. I rarely go shopping like that or my husband would kill me, plus I have been donating so much to declutter the house and limit my buying decorative items. It's not easy, I tell ya'. I love to have pretty and cozy surroundings so sometimes I see something I feel I must have but I will leave it and then if I still want it after a few days I will go back and get it but most times, I decide I don't need it. I treat myself like a little kid. lol


  1. I love retail theraphy! I'm thinking of doing a little today myself.
    I'm excited about your swap! I'm cookin something up right now!

  2. Ooooo I love retail therapy...that shopping bug bites me quite alot!

    Have a great day!

  3. hi tammy
    right now i am into the badly needed 'winter clothes' retail shopping :)
    i am trying like crazy to de-clutter around here-jeez can i ever collect stuff!!
    the kitchen has been on the 'hit' list lately-first paint and now to go thru cabinets and drawers and de-junk!! :)
    but with the fine weather we have been having its been hard to stay indoors!
    enjoy your day

  4. I'm often up for a bit of retail therapy...and at this time of year I'm keen to de-clutter and get cozy...there's always something calling my name that is going to fill that "cozy" spot!

  5. Thanks for the sweet birthday wishes and i envy that you got some retail therapy! My husband still harps on me when he sees etsy payments coming out of our account-yikes!

    Sand xo


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